Welcome to my blog!

In my attempts to further improve my skills as a Software Developer, I have decided to start writing a blog. You’ve heard the old adage that you learn by teaching, and that is what I’m aiming to do  here. I will write about things I learn about in hopes that by doing so it will not only crystalize it more for myself, but also maybe help others learn a thing or two that they may not have previously known. I also hope to inspire developers to become better Software Craftspeople as I too am inspired to grow, gain a broader understanding of Software Development and all the areas it encompasses.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Chris ODell on Software Craftsmanship and what it means to him… what does it mean to you?

in my mind a craftsperson is someone who not only creates something from nothing from materials of their choice, but usually puts a part of themselves into what they make. A good craftsperson takes the time and effort to make something of quality which is worthwhile to have and which will still function way after the crafted item has been made. Good craftsmanship is synonymous with quality products.


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